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Jason Ickes is a Combat Veteran, Green Beret, Father of Four, Christian, Constitutional Conservative, and Fair Elections Advocate. After leaving Army service in 2017 Jason completed a bachelor's degree in cyber security while also expanding on his trade skills in carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. Volunteering to work through COVID in 2020 Jason completed work on a medical lab and hospital.

Learning how to personally manage his retirement investments led to a windfall in 2021. Though several business partnerships were overshadowed by a desire to preserve the America which he fought to protect from enemies overseas. Witnessing the destruction of the middle class after the heavy handed Michigan COVID lockdowns, Jason began volunteering with the Michigan Republican Party and Social Welfare and Advocacy Organization The America Project.

Today Jason is advocating for transparent and trusted elections, secure borders, and the preservation of our constitutionally protected rights while seeking a seat in Congress to affirm his work for the nation, the people he loves, and our children's future.

Tim Meisburger is a democracy and election integrity expert. Currently he is a consultant with the America Project’s Vote Your Vision campaign. In 2023 he was a Visiting Foreign Policy Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. In 2022 he was Director for Election Integrity at the America Project, and prior to that he worked with Virginians for America First, where he developed the well-known "Virginia Model" 2021 election integrity program.

During the Trump Administration he was Director of the Center for Democracy Rights and Governance (DRG), a Deputy Assistant Administrator, and Acting Assistant Administrator for Africa, at the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Prior to joining USAID, he worked for The Asia Foundation, the UN, OSCE, and as a consultant in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe.

Mr. Meisburger is the author of numerous articles, papers, country studies, and survey reports; including numerous papers on foreign assistance for the Heritage Foundation, and articles on US election reform in American Greatness. Many of the videos, papers, and manuals he developed on election integrity are available from the America Project’s Citizen Observer Portal.

Yehuda Miller has a strong background in business development, strategy, and operations. He has vast experience with Freedom of Information requests. Some of his FOIA’s have been reported nationally.

In addition, he is a Republican Committee member in Bergen County NJ and is playing a vital role revitalizing the Teaneck Township Republican Party. 

Yehuda’s experience and ability to instruct greatly enhances the level of expertise in the Vote Your Vision Election Operations momentum team.

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