Legislative Team

Rebekah Ricks is the epitome of educational innovation and political advocacy, with a distinguished 20-year tenure that highlights her profound impact on education and community engagement in Florida. Her journey, beginning with her own home-schooling experience and culminating in the attainment of degrees in Advanced Math, History, and Educational Leadership and Instruction from Oklahoma Baptist College, exemplifies a lifelong dedication to academic excellence and leadership.

Throughout her illustrious career, Rebekah has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to enriching the educational landscape. She spent a decade teaching in schools, during which she founded a drama department, thereby integrating the arts into the academic curriculum and offering students a holistic educational experience. Her influence extends to higher education as a respected college instructor, further solidifying her role as a pillar in the educational community.  She currently holds a seat on the Florida Board of Music Education. 

In 2013, Rebekah launched the Homeschool Connection, a pioneering university-model school that merges traditional schooling with home-based education. Her development of a curriculum that has propelled students into prestigious institutions like West Point and Annapolis and is a testament to her visionary approach to education.

Rebekah's activism transcends the classroom, marked by her organization of a pivotal medical freedom rally in Tallahassee, which saw a thousand individuals rallying for change. Her foray into politics, including a run for the school board and leadership roles in the Republican Women Federated, and the Polk County REC, underscores her dedication to effecting systemic change.

As President of Florida Moms for America, Rebekah has been a formidable advocate for over 40 bills, championing the causes of faith, family, and freedom. Her engagement with state representatives showcases her strategic and impactful approach to advocacy, ensuring the voices of Florida's families are heard and valued.   She is also the cofounder of Moms for Medical Freedom, The Coalition of Mothers and The Alliance of Mothers. 

Rebekah's community activism is as diverse as it is impactful. Her involvement with the Junior League, Polk Education Committee, Kiwanis, and a 20-year commitment to leading a children's church alongside her husband, showcases a broad spectrum of community engagement. These roles highlight her dedication not only to educational and political advocacy but also to serving her community in a variety of capacities, reinforcing her belief in the power of civic responsibility and the importance of grassroots involvement.

Married for two decades and a mother to two boys, Rebekah's personal life reflects the values she advocates for professionally, embodying the principles of family, education, and active community participation. Her prestigious and accomplished career, complemented by her extensive community activism, positions Rebekah Ricks as a figure of inspiration and leadership in both the educational and political spheres of Florida.

Steve is a member of the Arizona House of Representatives. He has served in the Arizona House and Senate, holding positions like Speaker Pro-Tem and Majority Leader, and he currently serves as Chairman of the Health & Human Services Committee. He has led the fight against Illegal Immigration, authored the ban on affirmative action in AZ, authored Arizona's American Civics Act and is focused on efforts to improve the integrity and accuracy of our elections and other America First legislation.

He has led the GOP’s outreach efforts on Spanish speaking media, and has often been the only legislator defending Republican bills for Arizona’s Spanish speaking population.  He has a 100% pro-life, pro-family, pro-2nd Amendment, and pro-border security voting record, and has won awards and accolades from Taxpayer, Family, Business, and 2nd Amendment groups. 

Steve was an Arizona delegate for Donald Trump at the National Convention and made numerous appearances on national TV defending the President against liberals like Jorge Ramos and Chris Cuomo. 

Steve and his family immigrated to the U.S. legally when he was 5 years old. He and his wife Melissa will celebrate their 15th anniversary this year. Melissa is a Charter School Administrator and they have two beautiful daughters (Addy and Emmy). He serves as Ministry Pastor at Catalyst Church in Phoenix AZ. He is also involved with Desert Reach, an organization helping inner-city high school students graduate high school and succeed in life.