One More Mission

Jason Ladd serves as an Information systems specialist for The America Project, where he plays a crucial role in managing and securing information systems to support important initiatives.  He is a retired US Army Infantryman and Intelligence collector who highlights his expertise in gathering and analyzing information. He earned a Master of Science degree in International Relations, and is responsible for building the entire terrain database that supports all TAP operations.  Jason is a dedicated husband and father, prioritizing his family alongside his professional pursuits.

His passion for scuba diving and fly fishing shows his adventurous side and his love for exploring the outdoors and underwater world. Additionally, serving as the Executive Vice President of a veteran organization showcases his dedication to supporting and advocating for fellow veterans and Americans.  Jason Ladd's multifaceted background and involvement in various roles highlight his commitment to serving and making a positive impact.

“Carlito” Johnson currently serves proudly as CEO of The America Project.  He has also served as the Chief Operations Officer of TAP, as well as President and CFO. He is a member of our Vote Your Vision veteran team, and leads its progess along with his momentum teammates.

Prior to The America Project, Carl worked on Wall Street at tZero, Inc., in Financial Technologies and in Capital Markets. He also was CEO/COO of  a Mobile Money company ( located in Barbados. Carl also worked at mostly in Blockchain Technology portfolios and as a Special Assistant to the CEO.

Prior to Mr. Johnson served in the US Army for 20+ years and understands what it means to serve for life. He is a part of our veteran core at The America Project that continues to serve our Country as we restore faith in elections, and as we fight to better safeguard Rights and Freedoms lost during these times of crises that brought so much disharmony to our Nation.

Michael Spaulding is a simple, Patriotic American who served our Nation for 20 years as a combat Soldier and a Green Beret. Since 2021 Michael is proud to have been working for The America Project wearing many hats.  Michael has worked as an advisor on political and social activities, an event coordinator, a logistics coordinator, a close protection security specialist, a facility manager, and as a liaison to Military and LEO organizations and Veterans.  

Michael’s broad experience as a Green Beret has helped make him uniquely capable of understanding how to effectively work with people from all walks of life and social beliefs. He is a valuable asset to the team at The America Project and wants to ensure that the American people fulfill their role as active individuals in their communities. 

Michael is a devoted family man. He and his wife have been blessed with five children, whose ages span from 14 to 25 years. Guided by his strong faith in God, love for his family, and belief in the principles of the U.S. Constitution, Michael dedicates himself to tirelessly working towards securing a promising future for everything he holds dear.